Text Box: February to Mid-April ONLY to Divide Lotus

 The Lotus is an incredible, beautiful, prolific aquatic plant.  Given free reign in a natural mud bottom pond, they will quickly overtake it.  Yet, for all its tenacity, the lotus is a surprisingly fragile and fickle plant.  If not transplanted with the utmost of care, it will not perform well.  Unlike all other aquatic plants, lotus can only be transplanted from late February to mid-April, while still in its immature state.  Once the leaves have begun to rise up and develope, it is too late.
 It is also a tough plant to wrestle with.  First, remove the entire tub of soil and plant and place on the ground.  Take a hose and carefully wash away the soil from the rhizomes.  You'll find a multitude of small runners.  Compost these.  They don't transplant.
 What you are looking for is the larger rhizomes the size and shape of bananas connected end-to-end.  These will have small leaf shoots arising from them.  This is where it gets tricky!  If the shoot breaks off, forget it.  The plant won't grow another.  
 Unless it's a miniature lotus, plant in a large, shallow 12 gallon tub.  Fill half full with three parts rich, clay-cut topsoil.  Arrange 3 or 4 lotus tubers on top of the  soil, with shoots pointing skyward.  Push 12 Pondtabbs into the soil.  Cover rhizomes gently with the topsoil, being very careful with the shoots.  Top soil off with a 1" to 2"layer of sand.  (Donít use gravel as it makes it difficult for the tender shoots to push through).  Place in a sunny spot with only about 2" to 6" of water over the top of the tub.


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