Text Box:  Most Important!  Restock with filtering grasses NOW to prevent and control a spring algae bloom...
 Begin feeding aquatic plants as they sprout (now for iris, early March for lilies, later on some marginal aquatics).  Use Pondtabbs or Highland Rim tabs.
 Feed your goldfish with Tetra Cold Weather Wheat Germ food if active.
 Divide aquatic plants if needed.  Reddish leaves stretching for the surface is the ideal time for lilies.  Lotus must be done before mid-April.  Do cattails now (while short).  Wait on iris until August.  
 Drain and clean your pond for instant gratification on late winter algae growth. Then balance your pond with filter grasses, lilies, scavengers and the correct number of fish.  Sounds like a hassle?  Shady Lakes On-Site Services epartment will clean it for you!  This service has become extremely popular, and we must book on a first-come basis.
  Add a good biological filter to the pond  For good water clarity and ease of maintenance, Shady Lakes carries several styles from economical to top-of-the-line.

	   CAUTION!  Do Not turn your pump off in the summer heat!  
Run it 24 hours at day, seven days a week.  Otherwise, you could lose your fish to lack of oxygen.  Do not turn your  pump off at night as oxygen levels are lowest right just before sunrise (and during thunderstorms).  
   Feed your aquatic plants regularly
There is a big difference between plants that get fed and plants that do not.  When using Pondtabbs, feed every 2 weeks in this high heat.  If using Highland Rim tablets, (the best choice for all flowering aquatics) feed just once a month.
  Continue to feed your fish all they will eat in 3 to 5 minutes a few times a day.  This will vary with the pond.  If stringy algae develops, stop feeding your fish for 2 weeks to make them eat the algae, UNLESS you have Koi.  Koi are Pigs Under Water, and if you stop feeding them, you run the risk of them eating up your aquatic plants and the tree in your front yard.
     Trim off spent flowers and yellow leaves down at the base of   your plants.
Text Box: Quickie Spring Notes
Text Box: Summer Solutions

·    Use Pond Balance conservatively as it can harm your plants.  

·    Replenish water that is lost through evaporation.  In topping off the pond, the amount of chlorine is inconsequential.

·    Clean the white pre-filter pad inside submersible bio filters whenever the water flow is reduced.  This will average about once a month, depending on pond.

·   Consider Upgrading Your Filtration System if it is simply more work than you wish to do.  (See website for details).    

·   Hail Damage is usually reversible.  Wait a week or two to trim off the tattered foliage.  That gives the plant some time to regenerate some new growth.


In Late Summer…


·   In September, return to once-a-month feeding of  your pond plants.  Late September is the last feed for hardies; mid to late October for tropical plants.

·   Continue running your pump 24 hours a day even after temperatures begin to come down as late summer thunderstorms can be catastrophic to your fish by causing  an  oxygen depletion crisis.

·    Continue feeding your fish but switch to Tetra Wheat Germ formula (for cooler weather).  Unless you are having an algae problem, feed them heavily as they are often ravenous as the weather cools, because they are preparing for hibernation.  At least twice a day, feed all they will eat in 5 minutes.

·    When fish feed heavily, the filter pad on submersible biological filters may need to be cleaned more often.  Do this whenever you notice a reduction in water flow.

·    In ponds with biological filters, your pump must run night and day for effective filtration.  The only time you can turn this system off totally is if you decide to  shut it down in the winter. (Clean it first!)

·       Continue the maintenance of trimming spent flowers and old leaves from plants.

·    For the best spring blooms, divide water iris NOW!  Mid-September is the deadline.  Do not divide water lilies after August.  Wait for early spring to transplant water lilies, bog plants, and lotus.

·    Know that summer thunderstorms can cause temporary water quality problems as rain effects pond balance.  Avoid run-off into the pond!

·    Was pond maintenance too much work this year?  Add an Aqua-Pure external filter with a Pump Basket for the least amount of work!