Oh! The Laughter of a Child!

I Caught One! I Caught One!

Shady Lakes is located in the Rio Grande Valley just 15 minutes north of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nestled among the tall, cool cottonwoods of the bosque, this unique, beautiful setting features rainbow trout as well as largemouth black bass, channel catfish, and bluegill. The ambience of Shady Lakes is enhanced by the surprising delight and color of thousands of blooming water lilies.


Shady Lakes is a great place for children, families, and anyone who loves to fish. Kids can catch fish here! We stock the trout ponds every two weeks throughout the spring and summer. One trout pond is kept heavily stocked as an "Easy Catch" pond. Another pond is moderately stocked with bigger, smarter trout for more of a challenge. The Bass, Catfish, and Bluegill in the larger lakes are even more of an adventure to catch.


Our lakes are fed by a deep, cold, clean well. The water comes out a chilling 52 degrees for the trout, which enables us to offer the best of trout throughout the hot New Mexican summers. Shady Lakes is a beautiful, natural environment where we strive to provide a clean, safe fishing attraction in a balanced ecological environment.


Shady Lakes is also a wildlife refuge. This is home to great-horned owls, beavers, raccoons, turtles, ducks, and a multitude of other birds and animals that are drawn here by the water and the plant life.


No state fishing license is required at Shady Lakes. We offer discounts on fishing permits for seniors and children. Group rates are available on field trips for schools and other community organizations.


Shady Lakes has been privately owned and operated since 1962.


Enjoy! Shady Lakes is a great place to fish!


No State Fishing License

Is Required At Shady Lakes!


Trout Fishing Permits

All Trout Must Be Kept!

$7.95 per adult (over age 12)

$5.95 per child and seniors (age 60+)


Bass/Bluegill Fishing Permits

Catch-and-Release on Bass, Catfish & Bluegill ONLY!

$10.95 per person (any age)


Non-Fishing Permit*

$3.95 per person (any age)

Must accompany permitted person in same vehicle

If in another vehicle, charge is FULL PRICE


Cost of Fish

$ .65 per inch on the fish you catch

(ALL FISH ~ trout, bass, catfish, bluegill)

Trout average 10 to 12 inches or larger

Estimate about $7.00 per trout and up


Picnicking or Artist Fee

$7.95 per adult per day

$5.95 per child and seniors

Professional Photography or Video rates available

Shady Lakes is closed during the winter.



Fishing Group Discounts Available