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Build a Pond!

The water garden is the most unique and mysterious of gardens. Casting its magical spell not only with the glorious splendor of water lilies, lotus, and a picturesque diversity of various aquatic plants, the water garden comes to life with the captivating movement of colorful ornamental fish.  This combination creates an aura of unequalled beauty and tranquility.


Water lilies elicit a special fascination.  Their riveting beauty offers a soothing tranquility.  The blossoms are a pallet of color:  reds, yellows, whites, pinks, plus the mysterious changeables, and the exotic blues, purples, and lavenders of the tropical varieties.


The serenity of a backyard lily pond offers a place for reflection and inspiration.  No other form of gardening evokes such a compelling response.  It is a quiet oasis of enchantment.


In recent years, aquatic gardening has experienced a phenomenal rebirth that has stretched across Europe and America.  There is a growing passion for these plants.